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Started Thinking About My Life’s Goals

Lately, i had been trying to think about my life’s goals. It is caused by Mr.Arif Munandar training two weeks ago.

First, why it is important to think hardly about life’s goals ?

It is because …

  1. We doesn’t want something that we do is meaningless for our future, for example : we learn about agriculture but there is nothing willing to do something that related with agriculture, aren’t that useless thing ?
  2. We want to reach our achievement exactly and perfectly. If we determine our life’s goals far away from day that we may can reach it, we can establish our step by step’s activity that related and used for our life’s goals. Example : I determine that I want to be an entrepreneur in the future so I must learn about how to start business, how to manage people and stuff, etc.
  3. To motivate ourselves. Sometimes we haven’t spirit, we doesn’t know what we must do in particular times. So, if our life’s goal is clear, there is no reason to have a blank time.

Second, how to make a life’s goals ?

  1. Making SWOT analysis. SWOT is an abbreviation for Strenght, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threatment. From that abbreviation maybe we already know what is SWOT analysis, yes, it is analysis about ourselves and our environment. Like practiced by tsun tzu, if we want to win in a war, we must knowing ourselves, our environtment and our opposite. If we assuming that our life is like a war, clearly, we know that SWOT is used to know ourselves, our environtment and our opposite.
  2. It must be clear, defined step by step, and better that embedded with a target in time by time. Like this, in one year ahead, what are we being? what will we get? or what already we doing ? and evaluate whether it is compatible with our life goal’s or not.
  3. The last from me, life goal’s must be achievable, it is not too high and not too low, we must know our ability and unability from the first poin and corelating with our life goals.

The most important thing is how wonderfull and perfect life goal that we make, it never realized if there is no action from us. It need our commitment and consistency to achieve that.

That is enough from me know, in other time I will write more definitif and detail.

And I will write my life’s goals



Hanya seseorang ... Yang selalu berharap ... Untuk bisa terus memperbaiki diri ... Memperbaiki orang lain ... dan memperbaiki bangsa ini ...

3 thoughts on “Started Thinking About My Life’s Goals

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  2. how about plan for the goals?
    i think we should preapare and making a plan for the goals, one of the tools that i like is using Powersim..

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