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What Indonesia Need? Engineers

    Technologies mean making something inefficient and expensive become more efficient and cheaper. Let’s see that case, before the invention of computer, there is a type machine used to make a document. Using this tool, it can’t beEngineer helped if we lost our document because type machine can’t save that document. After the invention of computer, someone not need to be afraid that he will lose his document, we can save that document in the computer machine, so we only need to print again from computer if we lose our document. Nowadays, the speed of computer’s memory become increasing rapidly and the size of that body is become smaller. It makes more efficient in time and space.

There is no prosperous country without improvement in their technologies. We can see United States, Europe’s country, Japan and recently, China. They are the develop country now (Especially for China, they’re predicted by many people as the develop country in future). One of the reason why they can be the develop country is their continuously developing in research and industry. Of course, in that case, technology has a main role. Researches and industries connected by technologies. The output of researches is the invention of technology and the input of industries is technology.

The different between developing country and develop country is what stuff that they can supply in international market. Develop country sends stuff that has high value while developing country can only sells low value commodity, though both of stuffs that sold by two kinds of country has same origin matter. The develop country put added value in a resource by high technology touch. In example, developing country that rich of copper resource send their copper to the several develop country with ‘x’ dollar per kilogram, but develop country change that matter becoming electric cable and sold back to developing in multiple price per kilogram. Develop country uses high technology to change copper become cable by technology. And technology, it only made by engineer.

    Our country, Indonesia, categorized in developing country. It can be seen from it export commodities. Something like copper, iron, gold, and any mining products, rice, corn, fruits, and any agricultural products, wood, rattan, and any forest product, fish, shrimp, and any sea product is a stuff that not needs any industrial process. We take it from the earth, packed, and sent to deck, without involves the touch of technology. Because of that, the value of our export year by year is only depend on how serious we are to explore mine things, or how smart we are to cultivate soil, or how often we are to plants the tree. Can you imagine, if someday, we loss our mine, agriculture, sea and forest product, there is nothing we can supply to the international market, our export value become decreasing rapidly and it is impact in our country’s income that become down.

    Indonesia, must change that circumstance, the country dependence from natural resources must be swapped out by developing human potential in build of technology. It is the absolute requisite if we want to survive in international trading and if we want to become develop country. The natural resources will be loss but human resources in developing technology are increasing continuously.

   So, what must we do to change the circumstance from natural resources oriented to human resources oriented? Related with technology development, of course we need engineer. Engineer is someone has the main role in maintain technology. Someone who always think about how to make a better life. Someone how always think to create new innovation in system, process, and equipment.

    We know who is behind the scene of industrial revolution in English? That is James Watt, an engineer. Who is the maestro of Japan resurrection? Someone like Soichiro Honda, an engineer. Yes, we need engineer to build new circumstances in our country. Engineer that can makeover our natural resources become high value things. Our country is far remainder from other country in ability to create something useful embedded by technology. When our neighbor can make car already, we not make it yet. When they have IC (Integrated Circuit) factory, we haven’t it yet.

    Actually, we aren’t lack of human resources that have brilliant idea or ability to become engineer, they main problem is the lacking of government attention in country’s necessity of engineer. We can see by counting how many state university that concern in engineer’s creation? Only two, or counting how many research facilities for engineer? That is only few. So, there is a lot of our engineer run to the other country only to seek better facilities to maintain their abilities and making a new invention.

    The Government must be aware immediately that they must take a step to establish our country’s competitive by developing technology. The first step is to make more of institution that can create engineers. The second step is by giving facilities to engineers to make many innovations in technology, and the last step is just waiting the result. Just give it to engineers.

*Written by students of electrical and informatics engineering, bandung institut of technology, the becoming engineer.

*That is my second English articel in this blog, so please keep my forgiveness if there is some mistakes in gramatical



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