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Richard Branson

Yesterday, unplanned, I was watching the interview with Richard Branson on Metro TV. He is a successful person who found and lead Virgin Groups, one of Big Private Company in the world.


First time i hear his name is in Hermawan Kertajaya marketing’s book. Hermawan say in his book that the power of virgin corp is the brand that comes from the image created by Richard. As a person who has eccentric personality, Richard creates the images of his company differently than another big company. It seems like he announce to his customer that this is our company, the company that know our needs.

Not as another big company groups, Virgin is a group that very different in business. It has no core business like another multi national company. If cola has carbonate drinks, adidas play in sport equipment, microsoft in computer. Virgin has divergence business product. It has plane, magazine, music store, mobile, finance, cola, etc. Don’t say that this company has no character, exactly, the character is come from its owners. Yes, Richard has it character and spread it to his company so each company doesn’t need to creates it own character. They only need to matching the Branson image with the service they offer.

Addition : I just see the big billboard in front of Wisma Mulya high rise building in Gatot Subroto that contain the big picture of Bronson. It is an advertisement for a Bank. Are that Banks want to duplicate Branson image?



Hanya seseorang ... Yang selalu berharap ... Untuk bisa terus memperbaiki diri ... Memperbaiki orang lain ... dan memperbaiki bangsa ini ...

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